Saturday, October 17, 2015

Treasure Skit A short skit about true treasure.

Treasure Skit
A short skit about true treasure.
Person w/ nice clothes-Michael
Person w/ million dollars-Sinclair
Person w/ many, many children- Ryan
Person w/ most knowledge-Kaley
Person w/ love-Karson

Sarah’s part can be played by girl or guy, named Bob.

Narrator: There once was a woman
Sarah: Hi I’m a woman
Narrator: Yes we can see that. Her name was Sarah.
Sarah: No its not, my name is Bre!
Narrator: Yes we know, but for the skit its Sarah.
Sarah: But I don’t like Sarah!
Narrator: Fine. (to audience) Her name was _Emily____.
Sarah: It can’t be ___Emily__, ___Emily___ is sitting right over there!
Narrator: Than what do you want it to be?
Sarah: How about… Persefinies like the Greek Goddess?
Narrator: I can’t even pronounce that! We are sticking with Sarah!
Sarah: Fine (huphs)
Narrator: Sarah was on a hunt for treasure.
Sarah: (sneaks across stage like Elmer Fud and says) huhuhhuhuh, shshshshshshsh or you’ll scare da wabbit.
Narrator: (to Sarah) Sarah what are you doing?
Sarah: Hunting.
Narrator: Not that kind of hunt. And besides, Elmer Fud was a guy, and a bad hunter, he never caught the rabbit. You’re searching for treasure.
Narrator: (to audience) Sarah searched high and low.
Sarah: (looks high and low)
Narrator: Sarah looked far and wide.
Sarah: (looks far and wide)
Narrator: She was looking for the one treasure that would give meaning to her life. While searching she met many people with many kinds of treasure.
            Person with nice cloths enters stage.
Narrator: One person she met had very nice clothes.
Sarah: Wow, you have very nice clothes!
Person w/ nice clothes: That’s all you need in life dear. Suit up! It’ll make your life ledgen-wait for it-dary. (winks at crowd, and walks on)
Sarah: But what happens if they get stained? Then I wont be happy anymore!
Narrator: Next Sarah met a person with millions of dollars.
            Person with millions of dollars drags large bag onto stage.
Sarah: Wow, you have a lot of money!
Person w/ millions of dollars: Yep I do, How did you know?
Sarah:            The Narrator said so.
Person w/ millions of dollars: Oh, well that’s all you need in life Sarah. You can buy anything else in life you need or want, even suits! (smiles at audience while saying “even suits” and walks on)
Sarah: But that money looks so heavy, and what if someone steels it? (ponders her question then says) Mr. Narrator?
Narrator: Um, yes Sarah?
Sarah: I don’t think clothes or money are the treasure that will give me meaning in life.
Narrator: Don’t worry Sarah, the skits not over yet. Just keep searching.
Sarah: Ok.
Narrator: Next Sarah met…
Sarah:            (interrupts) Mr. Narrator?
Narrator: (aggravated) Yes Sarah?
Sarah:            (whispers) I gotta use the bathroom.
Narrator: Cant you hold it?!
Sarah:            Yeah I guess.
Narrator: (to Sarah) Good. (to audience) Next Sarah met a Person with many, many, many children.
            Person with many, many children enters carrying a large wallet of pictures.
Sarah:            Wow, you have so many children!
Person w/ many children: Yes that is all you need in life. Children to make you laugh and take care of you when you get old. I have 5000. Would you like to see? (drops huge pile of accordion wallet pictures)
Sarah: Wow. But how do you feed them and remember all their names? That seems impossible.
Person w/ many children: I don’t. (walks on)
Narrator: Next Sarah met the man with the most knowledge in the world.
            Person w/ most know. (enters with his noise in a book and runs into Sarah and falls on the floor and says) Hey watch where your going. Don’t you know who I’m the person with the most knowledge in the world?!
Sarah:            Sorry but you ran into me.
Person w/ most know: No, don’t you think I would know if I ran into you? I do know more than you! (Person walks on)
Sarah:            Mr. Narrator?
Narrator: Um, yes Sarah?
Sarah:            I don’t think having kids will make me totally happy in life. Also I don’t think knowing everything is it either, especially if you don’t have the wisdom to use knowledge or manors. Can I go to the bathroom now?
Narrator: You are right Sarah, and not quite. (to audience) Next Sarah met a Person who didn’t seem to have anything.
            Person with nothing enters (and goes to Sarah hugs her and says) You look like you needed a hug.
Sarah: Um…thanks but Im not available.
Person w/ nothing: No, no that’s not what I meant. I mean from a friend who cares. Everyone can always use a friend.
Sarah:            Oh, well you can’t have enough to give everyone.
Person w/ nothing: Well not alone. But with Jesus in my heart I never run out because he is the source of all love.
Sarah:            What if other people don’t love you back?
Person w/ nothing: That’s ok. My Creator and friend, Jesus, share with each other and still have enough to share with everyone.
Sarah:            Wow, that sounds like something I want, a true treasure no one can take!
Person w/ nothing: It is! (walks off)
Sarah:            Mr. Narrator?
Narrator: Yes, Sarah?
Sarah:            I love everyone in the world (giggles).
Narrator: Um…ok…but I think you should practice your wording before sharing your treasure.

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