Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thomas Skit: A first person narrative of how Jesus impacted Thomas the Disciple.

Thomas Skit
A first person narrative of how Jesus impacted Thomas the Disciple.

"Growing up I always live in the shadow of my older brother Matthew and twin sister Lydia. Matthew always got good grades. Lydia was so artistic. And me, I wasn’t good at anything, so they got all the attention. Matthew grew up to become a successful tax collector. Lydia met and married a rich clothing merchant from Thyatira. I still lived at home when he came to town. I’m talking about Jesus, the one that supposedly healed all those people. I didn’t believe it of course. Until one day Matthew came to the house saying we had to come meet this man who was changing people’s lives!

After following him for a month or so, this popular teacher asked me to be his follower! I wasn’t sure if he was actually the Messiah or not, but I was happy to be chosen as a special student of this popular teacher. I ran all the way home to tell my parents I had finally succeeded at something. But of course, Matthew was already there telling them how Jesus had asked him to be a follower also. But I didn’t care. I had the chance to find out for myself if this Jesus really was the promised Messiah as he claimed!

I followed him everywhere for the next three years, until the unthinkable happened. Jesus was captured and killed by his enemies.  It was horrible. But then a few days later all the other disciples started telling me they had seen Jesus alive, back from the dead. I knew people don’t come back from the dead, so I told them that unless I saw him myself and felt his scars, I wouldn’t believe it.

Well that was a silly thing to do. Jesus knew what I had said, and decided to play a trick on me. He appeared in the middle of a locked room with all the other disciples present and said, “see me for yourself, feel my scars, I am alive!” I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t deny it anymore. All I could say was, “My Lord and my God!” What I learned is that hearing about Jesus is not nearly as meaningful or life-changing as experiencing him for myself. I encourage you to ask Jesus to let you experience him for yourself."

By David F. Garner

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